“Hey Alexa, find a vape store near me.”

If it were only that simple. Finding vape stores nearby isn’t as easy as finding most other kinds of local stores. To find a vape store that’s of high-quality and regard, you’ll probably have to do tons of internet research.

So, when you’re asking your digital assistant to “find me a vape shop,” you might want to consider an alternative to a brick-and-mortar store.

In the same amount of time it’ll take you to research a reputable physical location, you could already be perusing the best online vape shops, clicking, and ordering.

That’s why we’ve created this quick guide to help you find the best online vape store in no time.

1. Get Other People’s Opinions

Unfortunately, there’s no way to get around having to do a bit of research to make sure you’re buying your vape supplies from a reputable source. But when you’re looking for an online vape store, you can do it quicker and be on your way to shopping must faster.

Scour reviews on popular search and review websites, but don’t stop there. Some of the best insights can come from online communities that are dedicated to vaping. They’ll know the ins and outs of online vape stores so you won’t have to dig much more beyond that.

2. Check Out Their “Contact Us” and “FAQ” Page

To find the signs of a good online vape shop, look no further than their “Contact Us” and “FAQ” pages.

There are many shady stores out there that won’t give you an easy avenue for communication. Make sure there’s a phone number posted somewhere visible, not hidden in the tiny legal print at the bottom of the page.

They should have an email address where you can easily contact them should you have any issue with your order. Plus, they should give you an easy, fast form to get in touch with them directly.

Once you’ve perused how easy it’ll be to contact them, make sure their FAQ page is robust.

Note the tone they write with. Are they friendly? Do they seem to already care about your concerns? The Frequently Asked Questions part of any company’s website is often overlooked, but it can say so much about how they view their customers.

3. Feel it Out

A lot of online vape stores will… well, feel shady. Going with your gut is always a good idea when it comes to a possibly sketchy company.

Does the site have a good user experience? Is it easy to find what you’re looking for? Is the website covered with ads for other unrelated things?

These are all things to keep in mind when scoping out a new online vape store. Follow your instincts and you should end up in the right place.

4. Make Sure They Have What You’re Looking for

Before you get too attached to an online vape store, make sure they have whatever you’re looking for.

Vaping is as varied as it is fun. There are thousands of different vapes made for different things. If you’re looking for a CBD vape pen, make sure the site you’ve landed on has it. Do your due diligence in looking through everything they have.

Are they experts in what you’re looking to buy? You should be able to tell by how thorough their inventory is.

5. Compare Pricing

Do a bit of back and forth research. Look up the actual product you want and make sure no one else is offering it at a lower price.

Remember, though, that the lowest prices may not always be the best. If you find something priced way underneath what every other site is offering, it may not be the real deal. Refer back to points 1 through 4 if that happens, because you may have come across a dreaded scam.

You’ve Already Found the Perfect Online Vape Store

And when you’ve done all that leg work above, we know you’ll end up right back here anyway. The best online vape store is right where you started the search.

We’ve got everything you need to know about vaping and beyond, so take a look at our store for all your CBD and vaping needs.

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