Due to the popularity of CBD oil tinctures and sprays, producers of CBD products are always looking to find new ways for customers to experience the benefits of CBD.  In addition to treating symptoms from the inside, whether it be via tinctures, capsules, or gummies, you can now find CBD products like balms, oils, creams, lotions, rubs and salves.  We, at Deep Six CBD, carry several products designed to help you to treat yourself on the outside.

The Benefits of CBD Topicals

In an article published on cultureforgood.com, they provide analysis of the benefits of CBD topicals. CBD topicals are created with mixing either CBD isolate or full-spectrum CBD with ingredients that are beneficial to your skin; for example, shea butter or essential oils such as lavender or sandalwood.  Full-Spectrum CBD itself has a number of properties that are good for the skin including amino acids, pigments, waxes and vitamins.

One notable benefit of topical CBD is that you can target a specific area.  If you’re experiencing knee joint pain, you put the CBD topical on the target area, so the CBD will work its way into that specific area. Other benefits of mixing CBD into topicals are alleviating skin damage, preventing dried skin, accelerate skin healing, and strengthening skin’s defense mechanisms.  If there is a con, you will need to use more than you would commonly use a non-CBD topical in order for the CBD to penetrate the skin.  With enough of the CBD topical, it will penetrate the pores and enter the blood stream to begin its magic. In addition to the aforementioned pain that CBD topicals help to treat, CBD topicals can also assist in the treatment of psoriasis, acme, eczema, and wrinkles.

Our Inventory

Our user-friendly website displays all of the CBD topical products we have on hand ready to deliver to you no matter what your need.  Whether it be pain or anxiety and/or depression, we proudly offer several CBD topical options that are sure to relieve and relax.

One of the most basic ways people choose to relax and unwind is by taking a hot bath or shower.  On our site, you can choose from bath bombs that are either amber bergamot, coconut lime, eucalyptus, or lavender scented that are 8oz. and contain 60mg of CBD per bath bomb.  If baths aren’t really your thing, we offer CBD soap in the same scents.  Each bar is 4.5oz and also contain 60mg of CBD.  Speaking of relaxing, who doesn’t love a good massage? Treat your body and mind to the 150mg, fast-absorbing massage roll-on oil that contains essential oils to calm you can moisturize your skin.

For our customers that are looking to treat pain, we offer both a cold therapy roll-on (Freeze) and a heat to cold therapy roll-on (Fire and Ice) for easy application precisely to the target area.  Also for pain relief we offer Elite Hemp CBD Pain Cream, Elite Hemp CBD Sport Salve (for you athletes out there), Receptra CBD Targeted Topical, and Menthol Pain Lotion.  For our fill list of CBD topicals, check out the Topicals page on our website and be sure to check back for new additions!

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