As you’ve already heard, possibly one of the reasons that you’re reading this blog, is that CBD can have a positive effect on your general health and well-being.

Vaping, smoking, and tinctures are just a few ways you can imbibe CBD. In this blog we’re going to consider another very popular option: CBD edibles.

  • The CBD in an edible is combined with other foodstuffs.
  • This means that the CBD is released slowly over long periods of time as food is digested.hemp plant and cbd molecule diagram
  • The result is a long-lasting CBD experience.
  • CBD edibles can last between two and four hours longer than vaped or smoked methods.

Please note that it takes between 30 minutes and two hours to feel the full effect of CBD edibles.

The long-lasting nature of CBD edibles can provide prolonged relief from mild chronic pain and anxiety, while offering consumers a gentle prolonged mood elevation.

Benefits of CBD EdiblesImage of Fresh Leaf Gummies Packages

  • They’re easy to dose. CBD edibles come in pre-dosed servings, allowing you complete control of how much you consume to achieve the results you want..   
  • CBD edibles are a helpful general remedy. Most of us will take an ibuprofen or another anti-inflammatory drug after a minor injury, headache, or joint pain. CBD has been found to work for these same problems, but in a way that works with the body’s existing endocannabinoid system
  • They’re available online.
  • They come in discreet packaging, easily carried in your pocket, backpack, or purse.

Popular CBD Edibles

Gummies        Lollipops        Cookies

  Image of Fresh Leaf Gummies       Image of Peace Pops Watermelon        image of chocolate chip cookies

Edibles are a personal favorite of mine for all the reasons stated above. It’s a great way to manage my day-to-day stress and promote positive mental health. Besides which, it’s always great to have an alternative to over-the-counter medications.

Never forget: it’s your body, and you only get one. Take control and know what you’re putting in it.

Until next time…

-Will Upshur

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