CBD as you may know has a wide variety of uses for both our physical and mental well-being.  In this blog we’ll explore some CBD products that can help you unwind and take care of some of those aches and pains associated with physical stress.

CBD Living Bath Bombs

If you’re aching after a sporting event, a night on the town, or just looking to relax in a bath, CBD Living Bath Bombs have you covered. With 60mg of cannabinoid per bath bomb, there’s no better way to lounge in the tub, catch your breath, and wash away the pain of the day.  There are four scents to choose from, Lavender, Amber Bergamot, Coconut Lime, and Eucalyptus each provide a different relaxing scent, or they can be mixed for a higher CBD extract dosage and new stress relief aromas.


CBD Living Freeze Roll-On Image of CBD Living Freeze Description

If you’re looking for precise pain relief for individual joints, muscles, or patches of skin, then look no further than CBD Living Freeze Roll-On. It’s serious, extra strength CBD pain relief for the areas of your body that are causing the most trouble, and it is extremely effective at its job.  Its roll-on nature helps you to spread a thin, even coat across problematic areas. Its cannabinoid content keeps the pain at bay effectively. Its menthol doubles down on its anti-inflammatory properties since it mimics the application of ice to areas of the body.  This is not a “broad strokes” pain relief product. It is precise, effective help for body pains of many types.

CBD Living SoapImage of CBD Soap Amber

When you absolutely, positively have to spread a CBD infused product across every inch of your body for weeks at a time, this is the soap that you should be using. Infused with 60mg of pain-relieving cannabidiol, CBD Living Soap is perfect for everything from full-body bathing to a simple bedtime face wash.

There are four relaxing scents to choose from: Lavender, Amber Bergamot, Coconut Lime, and Eucalyptus. All of them are refreshing, unique, and sure to spark a conversation with any house guests lucky enough to enjoy them. They want to know why their hands feel amazing after washing up in your home? Tell them about CBD extract and spread the good news.

Calm Balm

Is a sweet and natural way to calm those tense areas in Muscles & Joints. Apply a small amount to any problematic area of your skin & muscles, then let the cannabidiol do its work! Skin irritation, bumps, bruises, and any other skin-level problem can benefit from the all natural plant extracts in Calm Balm.  It can be used for everything from chapped skin & lips to sores and cuts – wherever your skin has problems, CBD can help. And, with other ingredients such as Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, and Cocoa & Shea butter, it’s not just the CBD doing the trick – Calm Balm is a moisturizing tour de force in a jar.

Receptra’s CBD Lip Balm

Far from a broadly-applied CBD topical, has one purpose only. Provide the best lip care treatment possible and combine it with the health benefits of cannabidiol.  It’s thoughtfully formulated to target irritated areas of your lips and speed recovery. This all-natural pure hemp CBD topical keeps you at peak performance, with added beeswax and jojoba to help minimize swelling and inflammation, soothing shorea and avocado oil to promote moisture retention.

Try any or all of these amazing products to unwind or treat your aches and pains. All of the above can be found online from our friends at DEEP SIX CBD 

Until next time be well… -Will Upshur

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