CBD Edibles are one of the easiest and most effective ways of getting the full spectrum of benefits of CBD. The market places are currently carrying a wide variety of edible CBD products, but what about the DIYers and home cooks who want to incorporate CBD into their recipes? Here are some quick and easy tips on how you can get started cooking with CBD!

What to know about cooking with CBD

  • Some recipes may call for full spectrum CBD, it has an earthy hemp taste (Something to keep in mind for flavoring.)
  • Pure CBD has a bitter taste (Flavoring, again!)
  • CBD is fat soluble. It will not dissolve naturally in water.
  • CBD breaks down at 200 degrees Celsius or 392 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Coconut oil mixes well with CBD and is regularly used in cooking


Baking with CBD    image of cooking supplies

When baking with CBD it’s always good to remember that it’s about the internal temperature of what you’re baking and not the temperature of the oven. As mentioned above CBD begins to degrade at 392 degrees Fahrenheit. This should not be a major concern when baking because most baked good are moist. Therefore your food should not exceed the degrade temperature of CBD, unless of course you walk away and forget you’re baking. (Burnt cookies anyone?)  When in doubt use a cooking thermometer.

Frying with CBD 

Don’t do it!  You’ll lose a large amount of CBD because of the high temperatures frying requires.

CBD Beveragesimage of smoothie

When mixing CBD with with beverages remember that CBD does NOT naturally dissolve in water. However, it is fat soluble. Milkshakes and smoothies are good drinks for experimentation. CBD coffee is becoming widely popular, but because coffee is water based it is best to add creamer or milk before adding CBD.

The internet is filled with great CBD recipes, so what are you waiting for?  Start your search, learn the basics from this blog, and begin cooking with CBD today.

Until next time, live your best CBD life!

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