Deep Six CBD Announces Grand Opening of Lynnhaven Mall Location in Virginia Beach, VA. Delta 8 THC for Chesapeake, Norfolk, Suffolk.

Beachgoers in Virginia can breathe a sigh of relief as Deep Six CBD, the East Coast pioneers of cannabis retail, announce the grand opening of their new Lynnhaven Mall location in Virginia Beach, VA. Delta 8 THC brownies, cookies, oils, and flower alongside classic CBD treatments are all available in this tiki-themed cannabis boutique.

Delta 8 THC, or “THC 8”, is the latest hemp cannabis product that can be sold directly to consumers. Deep Six has previously provided these and related cannabis products in the Patrick Henry Mall in Newport News, and their new Virginia Beach location services vacationers who cannot use other states’ Medical Marijuana cards & prescriptions in VA.

“We’ve hoped to open a store location in Virginia Beach for some time,” remarked Nick Kruczaj, President of Deep Six CBD and a longtime cannabis entrepreneur and enthusiast. “As a central point for regional beach vacation travelers, we’re thrilled to be here and excited to demonstrate the level of service that we can provide to residents and visitors.”

No medical marijuana prescription? No problem for THC 8 users in Portsmouth and Chesapeake.

Deep Six customers in Virginia Beach report using Delta 8 THC for everything from PTSD to simple relaxation, and that they enjoy a soothing, clear-headed “buzz” without the slack-jawed paranoia & anxiety that traditional Delta 9 THC cannabis can cause.

Benton Purtle, Operations Manager of Deep Six, commented that, “In spite of recent negative publicity, Delta 8 has done a world of good for many of our customers who can’t, or won’t, seek a medical marijuana prescription.” Purtle has worked with the company since its inception, and uses THC 8 as an alternative ADHD treatment in lieu of Ritalin or Adderall. “We only carry the best Delta 8 products from known, vetted manufacturers such as 3Chi, Urb, and Treetop Hemp. We don’t work everyone, and that’s by design. Our customers can examine the products that we offer, discuss with our staff to learn from their experiences and knowledge, and see if it may be the right treatment option for them.”

With less than a dozen medical dispensaries in the entire state of Virginia, Deep Six CBD aims to provide its customers with the tools for an alternative self-treatment to lift moods, ease stress & anxiety, and relax.



Virginia is for (CBD) Lovers, Part I

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