KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa., June 26, 2022 — Deep Six CBD, one of the first in your area to carry hemp products, is carrying HHC and THC-O products in all stores! Whether you are in the Willow Grove area or by Harrisburg near our store in Camp Hill, you can be sure to find HHC and THC-0 in any of your nearby Deep Six CBD locations.

We’re excited to start this new product expansion in our stores,” remarked Nick Kruczaj, President of Deep Six CBD. “We hear constant feedback from consumers about how these new cannabis options have improved their lives, and so we’re committed to providing the cannabis products that our customers have found to be most helpful and healing.”

First to bring quality HHC and THCO to the Willow Grove and Philadelphia suburbs!

Deep Six stores have a reputation for prioritizing quality, dedicating shelves to a list of proven and reputable hemp and cannabis producers within the industry. Customers seeking their full complement of products online will find HHC and THC-O infused gummies, cartridges, disposables, and more at If you’re unsure what to try, pick one of our new HHC and THC-O bundles at!

What is HHC? How about THC-O?

HHC is very similar to the psychoactive effects of THC. HHC has been reported to kindle feelings of euphoria, boost appetite, and offer remarkable pain-relieving results. If you are looking for some of the more potent products in our stores, give our HHC category a try!

THC-O is a new cannabinoid that has been gaining popularity through its anti-anxiety, anti-nausea, and stress-relieving properties users have reported. Consumers report that THC-O can be 3x more potent than regular THC.

What forms of HHC and THC-O do we carry?

Every Deep Six CBD Store has an entire cabinet of products dedicated to HHC and THC-O products. You can find HHC and THC-O in edible forms like gummies, candy clusters, or chocolate bars, while they are also available in inhalable forms through disposable vapes or cartridges. We carry THC-O infused flower and HHC prerolls as well!


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