As a full-service CBD, vape and alternative smoke shop, Deep Six offers a full range of hand-crafted pipes of all sizes for our customers to use and enjoy at home. Whether you prefer imports, US artists, discrete hand pipes or a more full-sized water pipe we can provide anything that is needed for your home smoking session.

Our collection includes artisan dab rigs created by the inimitable MILQ, a Philadelphia-based glass artist with design sensibilities that strive to balance form with function. Crisp, clean construction and scientific glass water pipes & dab rigs are the order of the day, and MILQ delivers each with a critical eye towards ease of use and appealing design.

6B water pipes are a mainstay for us. Not content with the limitations of smaller form factors, 6B is devoted to a single cause: well-constructed and durable water pipes that provide a soothing inhale for dedicated smokers while looking perfectly at home in any enthusiast’s collection. Our selection of high-end 6B waterpipes includes scientific glass, dab rigs, and glass on glass water pipes, all of which can be enjoyed without breaking the bank.

Found the perfect dab rig or oil rig in our selection, but not sure how to continue? We offer a selection of CBD concentrates that work perfectly in any of our water pipes or Heat-Not-Burn devices. Cannabidiol dab wax, shatter, and oil-based extracts are all available at Deep Six along with storage options for each. We have everything that you need to enjoy the relaxing benefits of CBD, all under a single roof.

Interested customers can also ask our associates about our herbal smoking blends and purchase a variety of herbal mixes for home use. Each herbal blend is organically grown, dried, and skillfully created to provide you with the cleanest smoking experience possible. Traditional smoking herbs such as Damiana, Wild Dagga, and Blue Lotus are included in our selection, and they are just a few of the many options that we provide.

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