Wondering if hemp blunts or tobacco blunts can hurt you? We want you to be the safest while enjoying your smoke. You should be aware of all that you’re getting when spending good money on a product.

That’s why we’re going to let you in on the difference between hemp and tobacco. Knowing the difference will spare you trouble in the future and learning a bitter truth too late. Read on to see the winner between hemp versus tobacco!

What Are Hemp Blunts?

The first thing to understand about hemp blunts is that they’re natural. They come from a plant and thus have less “bad” qualities. Unlike traditional cigarettes or cigars, you won’t find dangerous nicotine.

Hemp blunts come in a variety. You can get the kind with THC that’ll give you a little trip. For those looking for pain relief without the “buzz,” you’ll want the CBD only option.

Since it is all natural, you don’t have to worry about nasty withdrawal effects. CBD and THC also don’t have strong chemicals that’ll make you addicted.

What Are Tobacco Blunts?

Tobacco blunts are different than hemp blunts in that they’re not all natural. Tobacco poses more of a risk to your health because it’s loaded in nicotine and carcinogens, yuck! Many people opt out of tobacco blunts because of the health effects alone—they get worse over time.

So why would anyone smoke a tobacco blunt? The “buzz” is stronger in a tobacco blunt because of the high nicotine levels. But you have to think if it’s worth it.

Nicotine is super addictive and not natural as hemp blunts.

What’s the Difference?

The main difference between a hemp and tobacco blunt is the amount of nicotine. Most people don’t have a negative reaction to taking CBD for a long time. Unlike hemp blunts, tobacco can cause serious health issues like:

  • Lung diseases like COPD or cancer
  • Yellow teeth and bad breath
  • Faster aging of the skin
  • Heart disease and hypertension

The difference in the health benefits of hemp blunts is what draws many people in. Patients on strong prescriptions rave about their success stories as alternative medicine.

Which Do We Recommend?

It’s your choice to smoke whichever blunt you please. Our experience tells us that people favor hemp blunts over tobacco, and we can see why. Hemp blunts can offer you the best of both worlds.

You can get the THC to give you a “buzz,” or CBD alone for pain relief. Tobacco comes only in one form and gives you high levels of nicotine. Hemp blunts are all natural and aren’t damaging to the body like tobacco.

In this draw, we’re going to have to say hemp blunts take the win!

Picking the Right Pack

Hemp blunts are the best and safest option for pain relief. Whether you suffer from anxiety or are looking for relaxation, hemp blunts help. If you don’t like it after trying, you can always toss it without it affecting your life.

Tobacco blunts won’t be as easy to stop. If you want to know more differences or have questions, contact us.

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