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Located just 6 miles from our shop in Willow Grove PA, Jenkintown is a borough in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, about 10 miles north of Center City Philadelphia. “Jenkintown” is also used to describe a number of neighborhoods surrounding the borough, which also are known by names such as Meadowbrook, Rydal, Crosswicks, Fox Chase Manor, Jenkintown Manor, Noble, and Switchville. While the post office will deliver “Jenkintown”-addressed mail to these areas, they are not part of the political entity of Jenkintown; they are within Abington Township. Jenkintown is surrounded by Abington Township to the north, west, and east, and borders Cheltenham Township to the south.

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CBD Edibles & CBD Oil Product store in Jenkintown

Deep Six CBD is a CBD oil supplier and CBD Vape Products supplier for residents of Jenkintown, PA. Our shops are located in the Willow Grove Park Mall and many other convenient locations just outside of Jenkintown. Many Jenkintown residents visit the Willow Grove Park Mall frequently. We have many different types of CBD edibles including CBD gummies, CBD cookies, CBD chocolate, as well as CBD oils and CBD lotions.

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