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Organically-grown Paradise OG CBD flower, dipped it in its own CBD hash oil and rolled in its own CBD kief. There’s no kill like overkill with Moon Rocks.

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CBD Moon Rocks – OG Paradise from CBDHD

Organically-grown CBD flower, expertly trimmed. Then they dip it in its own CBD hash oil. THEN it’s rolled in its own CBD kief? Some may call it overkill, but “Moon Rocks” has a much better ring to it.

Expertly provided by the CBD flower masters of Las Vegas, Nevada, Paradise OG is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain straight from the pearly gates of Heaven, itself. With its a dank, earthy flavor and aroma and politely excessive CBD content, it provides a relaxed, energetic calm. Whether packed, rolled, or vaporized, this ludicrously CBD-rich option won’t leave you floating in space – just softly orbiting Heaven.

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