3Chi Focused Blend CBD Tincture – Calm, Focus, Soothe, Sleep & Happy


Calm, Focus, Happy, Sleep, or Soothe – these 3Chi Focus Blend CBD Tinctures are here to help you with exactly what they say on the bottle.



3Chi Focused Blend CBD Tincture

A proprietary blend of mood-focused cannabinoids and terpenes in MCT oil for increased absorption. Each 1oz bottle comes with a metered dropper for easy, accurate dosing and is lab tested with no THC detected. These top-of-the-line blended CBD oils offer different focused effects to cover anywhere your mind takes you, whether it’s:

  • …smoothing out frayed nerves and anxiety with Calm
  • …helping to keep your attention directed with Focus
  • …lifting your mood and “clearing out the clouds” with Happy
  • …looking forward to a restful night with Sleep
  • …or supplementing your pain management with Soothe

There’s an option, and an oil, for anyone who wants to take their CBD treatment seriously using focus blended oils with an intent to improve their life.

30mL per bottle

500+mg / 1000+mg / 1500+mg Cannabinoid

Additional information

Focus Blend

Calm, Focus, Happy, Sleep, Soothe

CBD Strength

250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, 1500mg





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