Airbender 200MG Hemp Pod for Juul


A CBD Juul pod, fully compatible with hardware that you can get at any gas station. No need to worry about hunting for your next battery!

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Airbender 200MG Juul Compatible Hemp Pod

The Juul is the most popular vape in the United States, so it was only a matter of time before a Juul-compatible line of CBD pods were created. The Airbender Pod’s rich 200mg cannabinoid content and its convenient, discreet size make it a great way to maintain a baseline cannabidiol dosage throughout your day.

Just a few puffs of this CBD vape is all that you’ll need, and you can choose from four different flavors; Original, Mint, Sweet Melons, or Lemon Bar pods that are fully compatible with your Juul battery are all available.

200mg Cannabinoid

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Lemon Bar, Sweet Melons, Original Hemp, Mint


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