7G Berry Exotic CBD Bud Jar from CBDHD


7G Berry Exotic CBD Bud is legal to own, use, and share. Classic flower strains with a focus on the benefits of CBD!

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7G Berry Exotic CBD Bud Jar from CBDHD

A dank CBD strain created by CBD Hemp Direct with an earthy berry kick. Berry Exotic is the CBD flower that you never knew you wanted, with deeper flavors and more cannabidiol than you’d ever expect. This is no Jaws 3-D or Rocky V. It’s The Empire Strikes Back on the scale of Hollywood blockbusters. It’s Aliens. Bigger, better, and beyond reproach.

With seven grams of CBD Bud and plenty of CBD to spare means, you’ll stay focused and relaxed. So settle in, stream Godfather II, and let us know how you feel!

Amount per jar: 7.0 grams



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Weight 2.9 oz



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