CBD Hemp Blunt 1G from CBDHD

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Puffin’ on stogies with a CBD Blunt? You’re getting the CBD benefits and keeping it classic.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

CBD Hemp Direct


CBD Bud 1G Blunt from CBDHD

Keep it classic and start small with these pre-rolled blunts from CBD Hemp Direct. Made with all-natural, US-grown bud, these are high in cannabidiol and below the legal limit for THC content. Each blunt includes a full gram of CBD Bud rolled in an organic Juicy J Original, Grape, or Strawberry wrap. These wraps have no tobacco, synthetics, or additives of any kind – just an all-natural old-school smoking experience.

These are suitable for 2-3 solo smoking sessions or a quick roundtable with your friends. Relaxation and relief from pre-rolled CBD, just for you.

Amount per blunt: 1 Gram

150mg Cannabinoid



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CBD Hemp Direct

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Original, Grape, Strawberry



3 reviews for CBD Hemp Blunt 1G from CBDHD

  1. Chloe

    Well, I’m glad to have read this to say the least. Never would have dove into this topic myself. Very interesting!

  2. Preston

    CBD for the win!

  3. Jack

    as a newb, this was the perfect amount for my first couple times

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