Cannabinoid Creations CBD Isolate Flavored Tincture


CBD Isolate Tinctures are fast-acting, highly potent, and one the most popular & effective ways to use CBD oil without introducing other cannabinoids into the body.


Cannabinoid Creations CBD Isolate Flavored Tincture

Fast-acting, highly potent tinctures are one the most popular, effective ways to use CBD oil and enjoy its benefits in your own life. Whether dropped under the tongue (sublingual application) or mixed with a food or drink, customers have found that tinctures are fast, effective, and a great way to track and adjust their personal CBD tincture dosage.

Cinnamon – a simple and straightforward cinnamon flavor, more savory than sweet, but with a cannabidiol kick to help you relax.

Caramel Apple Pie – brings the flavor of ripe green apples and sweet carnival caramel to an effective, potent cannabidiol option.

Cartoon Cereal Crunch – a sweet alternative to unflavored CBD oil and tinctures, perfect for enjoying sugary Saturday morning memories.

Chocolate Mint – the iconic thin mint cookies sold by scouting troops. Keep the flavor, then bottle it with a hefty dose of CBD extract.

100mg/500mg/1500mg Cannabinoid

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Caramel Apple Pie 100mg, Caramel Apple Pie 500mg, Caramel Apple Pie 1500mg, Cartoon Cereal Crunch 100mg, Cartoon Cereal Crunch 500mg, Cartoon Cereal Crunch 1500mg, Chocolate Mint 100mg, Chocolate Mint 500mg, Chocolate Mint 1500mg, Cinnamon 100mg, Cinnamon 500mg, Cinnamon 1500mg


Cannabinoid Creations


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