CBD Mini Doggy Bone Treats from Creating Better Days


CBD dog treats for medium & smaller dogs can help any pooch, whether they’re young & hyperactive, older and aching, or somewhere in-between with anxiety or pain issues.

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CBD Mini Doggy Bone Treats for Small Dogs from Creating Better Days

Young, hyperactive dog tearing apart your living room out of boredom?

Older, furry best friend having trouble keeping up like the puppy that they used to be?

CBD isn’t just for humans any more, and few animals are more deserving of a tasty, relaxing treat than our furry friends. All-natural baked CBD extract biscuits are perfect for pups of any post-adolescent age, and these 5mg bones are specifically meant for smaller dogs. These treats are free of artificial preservatives – they use Vitamin E instead of unnatural chemicals to keep your pal as healthy as possible.

Our pup-loving customers have told us that their dogs adjusted quickly to the new treats, learn to tell the difference between CBD dog treats and other bones, and often show a preference for these if given the option. It’s hard to argue with those cute lil’ paws.

150mg Cannabinoid, 5mg per bone

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Weight 4 oz


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