Elite Hemp CBD Pain Cream 250mg




Elite Hemp CBD Pain Cream 250mg

This medicated CBD topical cream utilizes CBD’s anti-pain and anti-inflammatory properties to their fullest, and it’s a winning product that we’re proud to offer and recommend. Apply it to your aches and pains, and get ready to experience a serious difference. We’ve also heard positive reports of its use for restless legs, some involuntary twitches, and a variety of skin-deep ailments.

This CBD cream is a great option for post-workout athletes, folks who work with their hands, or anyone who finds themselves with an ever-growing collection of pains and bruises on a regular basis. It’s very potent, so you’ll only need a thin layer across the affected area. It’s infused with sweet-smelling essential oils, so there’s no medicated aroma.

1 oz

250mg+ Cannabinoid


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