Elite Hemp Supplement Tuna for Cats 300mg


If want to help your kitty, but they’re picky about their treats, CBD oil tinctures are a great way to start giving your cat CBD. Just a couple drops mixed in their food or dropped in their ear, and it’s a mission accomplished!

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Elite Hemp Supplement Tuna for Cats

Never the type to forget your best, fur-covered friend, Elite Hemp offers a specialized line of CBD tinctures for both dogs and cats. Just a drop or two is all that you’ll need to help your pet family feel as relaxed as you do when they spend their time with you.

The CBD oil helps with any pains and helps them to calm down. An infusion of tuna flavor means they won’t turn up their noses if you mix it in with their food or drink. Take a moment to make sure that they’re living their best life with your help.


300mg Cannabinoid


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