Exodus Amanita Complex Chocolate Bar 1500mg

Mushroom chocolates perfectly mask magic mushrooms, functional mushrooms, and other natural herbs’ awful flavors!

Exodus has created these rich and delicious 1500 mg chocolates to ensure everyone gets a shot at experiencing pure bliss.

Each chocolate blends Amanita Muscaria, Kava, CBD, Delta 9 THC, Lion’s Mane, and natural flavoring and can be split into 12 pieces.

Available in 3 chocolate options.

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Exodus Amanita Complex Chocolate Bars 1500mg

Exodus Amanita Complex Chocolate Bars 1500mg is their first exploration into the world of magic mushrooms! This company has expert knowledge of cannabinoid products and mushroom products as well. Exodus will also launch the scene’s first Amanita Complex Disposable vape soon!

For now, users must settle with these rich and delicious Amanita Complex Chocolate bars. Many companies have gone from strictly Amanita Muscaria products to exploring magic mushroom blends. Wunder has created an Amanita Muscaria and Kava gummy, and Trippy Extrax has also made amanita muscaria and Delta 9 THC chocolate bars and tinctures.

Exodus has also explored combining several different plants and fungi and made an excellent proprietary blend that offers users a calming focus and full-body relaxation! Each chocolate bar blends Amanita MuscariaKava, CBD, Delta 9 THC, Lion’s Mane, and natural flavoring. This blend of functional mushrooms and natural herbs synergistically creates man-made euphoria!

These chocolate bars are pre-dosed into 12 individual pieces. It is suggested that users start with one whole piece, wait 30-45 minutes, access their tolerance, and increase until they reach their desired effects. 

Flavor Profiles:

  • Milk Chocolate Cookies
  • Dark Chocolate
  • White Sprinkles Cookies

Product Features:

  • One Full Bar Contains 1500mg Amanita Complex
  • Can Be Split Into 12 Individual Pre-Dosed Pieces
  • Each Single Piece Contains 125mg Amanita Complex
  • Blend Of Amanita Muscaria, Kava, CBD, Delta 9 THC, Lion’s Mane, And Natural Flavoring
  • 3 Flavor Options
  • Lab Tested For Quality, Potency, And Safety

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