Hemp Barn 3.5g CBD Flower – Bubba Kush


Organically sun grown in southern Oregon and professional cured for a flavorful experience – long live the Indica Queen!

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CBD Flower – Bubba Kush

CBD Flower – Bubba KushBubba Kush Hemp CBD Flower is known worldwide for its relaxing qualities. Known in some circles as the “Indica Queen”, it’s a great strain choice for anyone looking to unwind after a day on the grind. With beautiful pine and dark green hues and a deep earthy smell, this flower is a pungent, flavorful cannabidiol masterpiece.

An aggressive indica-dominant cultivar, you’ll max out your relaxation and give yourself a truly calming experience that can take you to the next dimension of peace and quiet. High anxiety? Trouble sleeping? Energetic coworker who just. Won’t. Stop. No matter how many times you ask them to leave you be? Squash all that – Bubba Kush CBD Flower wants to kick back with you. Just give him a chance.


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