7G Honolulu Haze CBD Bud Jar from CBDHD


Honolulu Haze CBD Bud is fully legal to own, use, and share. Classic flower strains with a focus on the benefits of CBD!

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Honolulu Haze CBD Bud Jar 7G from CBDHD

Look, we’re not saying that Honolulu Haze will physically transport you to a sandy beach. However, you’ll be just as relaxed as any sunbathing globetrotter with this CBD bud strain. Notes of hops, cinnamon, and chamomile make for a solid flavor experience with this Sativa strain.

A creative jolt and high-energy properties can help you to maintain focus on the task at hand. Then, when you’re done, CBD’s calming properties will help you to clear your head before your next task, whatever it may be. So whether you’re rolling a smoke or infusing on your own, CBD Hemp Direct’s Honolulu Haze will make a great addition to your stash.

Amount per jar: 7 grams

23.9% Cannabinoid

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Weight 2.9 oz




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