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Most people know Borneo as the idyllic, tropical island destination for intrepid vacationers. But, did you know that this Indonesian paradise is also the natural home of Kratom trees? It’s true: the Kratom plant has been growing wild here for centuries. Native cultures in the area have been using this strain of Kratom for generations, and it’s been celebrated for its numerous wellness-enhancing properties.

Kats Botanicals also employs a disciplined pasteurization process that all of our Kratom powder goes through before encapsulation. By the time your Red Borneo Kratom capsules get to your door, the product has been screened, treated, and tested to ensure that the resulting Kratom is a product you can believe in. We even include a Certificate of Authenticity that shows you the exact lab testing results for your batch of Kratom. That’s cleanliness and purity you can see for yourself!

60 capsules per bottle



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