Micro-Dosing Is Better Gummies 300mg/Gummy


Vegan Mushroom Gummies

  • Our vegan Lion’s Mane Gummies pack 300mg of Lion’s Mane into each delicious gummy
  • Each 20-gummy bag contains 6000mg of Lion’s Mane, Turkey Tail, or Cordyceps
  • Made only with whole fruiting mushroom bodies
  • Made only with natural flavors and natural food coloring
  • Vegan gummies in an organic lemon, strawberry, or orange flavor
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Microdosing is Better Gummies combine functional mushrooms with hemp-derived cannabinoids for a psychoactive synergistic ride. The combination of mushrooms and HHC helps with neurogenesis (the growth of brain cells), neuroplasticity (the formation of new neural connections) and improved mood. Try all 3 flavors and functional mushroom combinations!

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