Wild Hemp CBD Hempettes 20ct. – Original Flavor




Keep your cannabidiol dosage low & slow with a pack of Wild Hemp Hemp-ettes. This pack of 20 pre-rolled CBD Bud hempettes are perfect to spread throughout your day. They give you all the convenience of a CBD pre-roll combined with the portability & discretion of a regular pack of cigarettes. Don’t get them mixed up, though! These are non-tobacco, non-nicotine CBD Bud smokes, first and foremost.

Smoke’em and share’em – you can finally let a friend bum your pre-roll and still have plenty to spare. If you’re in a giving mood, then these are your best bet without a doubt.

50+mg Cannabinoid per hemp-ette, 1000+mg total

20 Grams

Additional information

Weight 2.9 oz


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