Such as cannabis, hemp-derived cannabis alternatives are classified using strains. These strains can are categorized into three families. These families are Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid. We will break down each of these families below so that you know you have the product that fits your needs, whether you purchase from us online or in-store. We will begin with Sativa, then move into Indica, and then finish it off with Hybrids which includes a look at how farmers create a hybrid strain. 

Sativa Strains

Sativa strains are mainly sought after by people looking for something they can use during the day that won’t hinder their productivity or creativity. These strains have an uplifting effect. They also offer a more cerebral high. Bouts of laughter, in-depth conversations, and increased creative thinking characterize this cerebral high.

As for the plants of Sativa strains, they grow tall and thin. These plants can even grow up to 20 feet in an outside garden. These traits make them more suitable for outdoor growing. In addition, Sativa plants have leaves that tend to be long and thin, like fingers.

Popular Sativa strains include…SOUR DIESEL, GREEN CRACK, and BLUE DREAM

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Indica Strains

Indica strains are perfect for that end-of-the-day relaxation, a lazy Saturday, or an unexpected rainy day. These strains allow people to take advantage of that last day before returning to work. For many, they aren’t just buying Indica strains to lay back and watch Netflix all day, though. These individuals choose Indica to better cope with debilitating stress and high levels of anxiety that they may suffer from. Of course, we are no doctors, so please make sure you have a treatment plan with yours and always make them aware of your intent to use any cannabis products or hemp-derived alternatives.

Indica plants are ideal for indoor growth. They grow between 3 to 6 feet and take a more bushy look. Shorter and broader leaves are what you will find on an Indica plant. 

Popular Indica strains include…SKYWALKER OG, NORTHERN LIGHTS, and PURPLE PUNCH

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Hybrid Strains

There are a little over 779 recognized strains out there these days. Out of those 779, roughly half of them are hybrids. Hybrid strains offer a mix of effects. These effects are inherited from the parent plants used to create them. Cannabis and hemp-derived alternatives help a lot of people all over the world these days. Not everyone requires a one size fits all solution, though. This is where these tailor-made strains get their value. 

Hybrids offer a balance between mind and body and a relaxing, not sedating, body effect. In addition, hybrids often provide an anxiety reduction. This is common considering both Sativa and Indica families offer to limit anxiety and stress.

Hybrid plants will vary greatly as far as how they grow. This is also considered by the farmers creating and producing these strains. 


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