Scranton, PA's Delta 8 THC Online Store

Scranton, PA’s Delta 8 THC Online Store

Scranton is the county seat of Lackawanna County, that is located in the Wyoming Valley. The town was originally occupied by the Lenape Tribe. The language spoken by the tribe, gave the name to the county. The first European settler of the area was Isaac Tripp, which built his home in Scranton. The historic home is still standing today. After the first settlement, mills and other small businesses started to populate the area, that became known as Slocum Hollow.

In the 19th century, there was a very rapid growth in the industrial businesses of Scranton. Factories started using steel and iron to manufacture their product and quickly became some of largest producers in the country.

Later in the century, the people from Scranton were able to build the Lackawanna and Western Railroad, Irish immigrants supplied most of the labor. In recent years the city of Scranton has evolved in a low cost, pedestrian-friendly city with a vibrant night-life.

Scranton, PA Delta 8 THC & CBD Online Store
CBD Edibles & CBD Oil Online Store in Scranton, PA

CBD Edibles & CBD Oil Online Store in Scranton, PA

Deep Six CBD is a CBD oil supplier and CBD Vape Products supplier for residents of Scranton, PA. We carry a full spread of mouth-watering treats and easy-to-use tinctures and topicals, all infused with the natural power of Cannabidiol.

We have many different types of CBD edibles including CBD gummies, CBD cookies, CBD chocolate, as well as CBD oils, and CBD lotions.

CBD has been researched over the years due to possible therapeutic benefits, which include stress relief, relaxation, pain relief, and inflammation relief.

Scranton, PA’s CBD and Delta 8 THC with Deep Six

Deep Six is a premier online supplier of CBD edibles and extracts. Grab and go during a busy & stressful day with a bag of cookies, gummy candies, or infused soda, our options are endless.

Deep Six prides itself in being able to help every customer who comes through to our store.

We provide a wide variety of choices to do exactly this, and we’re thankful for the support we’ve received along the way.

Scranton, PA's CBD and Delta 8 THC with Deep Six

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