image of hemp plant and CBD moleculeYou’ve certainly heard the stories about helpful CBD edibles. Maybe a friend or associate told you how CBD oil has helped them. If so, then you certainly wondered: “How will cannabidiol products work with my current treatments?” Anyone who is considering CBD oil in addition to, or to replace, an existing treatment or wellness regimen should keep this question in mind.

“How will CBD interact with other medications?”

In this blog I’ll share the information that I’ve discovered in my research. That said, you should never forget Rule #1 of self-treatment: “Always consult your physician or healthcare provider about changes to your treatment.”



There are many different classes of antidepressants available. (Please consult your physician for the sad emojiclassification that you are using). Antidepressants are used to relieve the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Unfortunately, some cannot find relief with antidepressants alone. Research suggests that CBD can improve symptoms of depression by networking with the endocannabinoid system. This system exists in all mammals and affects mood, emotions, and anxiety. Cannabidiol may interact with antidepressants through its inhibition of the user’s metabolism.



CBD has the potential to interact with anti-psychotic medications. It has been found to reduce the clearance of some anti-psychotic medications from the body. Remember, always consult with your physician before using CBD with anti-psychotics.



anxious emojiPeople who suffer from anxiety symptoms can use Benzodiazepines to calm them. CBD has been a popular alternative to treat anxiety for many years. They create a calming effect and can help users relax. However, CBD can increase drowsiness when used in combination with benzodiazepines. As a result, users should watch closely for this side effect to ensure the safe use of this drug combination.



cup of coffeeCaffeine is the most commonly used stimulant in the world, works well in combination with CBD. They work in conjunction with each other to improve alertness. Also, CBD often offsets caffeine-induced anxiety symptoms when used in the right amounts. Conversely, too much CBD can offset caffeine stimulantion and cause drowsiness.



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