Enveed Disposable Vape Pen


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Enveed Disposable CBD Vape Pen

Sleek, discreet, and easy-to-use are the name of the game, and disposable CBD vape pens are the kings of it. The Enveed Disposable CBD Vape Pen is as convenient as you’ll ever find, packing a whole 250mg of cannabinoid into a pen that can be used as soon as you have removed it from the packaging.

Enveed’s three proprietary blends are all available in these disposable CBD pens: Clarity, Relax, and Relief. Each brings its own benefit to your life, and vaporization means that they’ll bring that help in a fast, thorough fashion. Can’t be bothered to carry a set of CBD oil bottles everywhere that you go? Try these – they’ll fit anywhere, they’re legal everywhere in the US, and you’ll be glad that you have them nearby when the time is right.

250mg Cannabinoid

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Relax, Clarity, Relief


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