Hemplucid Whole-Plant CBD Extract in Hemp Seed Oil

A full- spectrum CBD oil extract which promotes the Entourage Effect for wellness in body in mind. This cold-pressed CBD tincture is slowly and methodically absorbed underneath the tongue for maximum impact.

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Hemplucid Whole-Plant CBD Extract in Hemp Seed Oil

Never one to make waste, this whole-plant, full spectrum CBD Oil Tincture is nutritionally enhanced using hemp seed oil to ease absorption, and digestion. CBD Flower is cold-pressed to create this extract, ensuring that every ounce of usable oil is collected fully intact, with only minimal loss of cannabinoid in the extraction process.

Since it’s a full-spectrum tincture, you’ll get to experience the “Entourage Effect” – the process by which different cannabinoids interact with your system as a whole, further increasing the potential benefits of its use.

250+mg/500+mg Cannabinoid


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Weight 4.9 oz

250mg, 500mg




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