Elite Hemp Sour CBD Gummies

Overwhelming gummy sugar and CBD together – two great  things that are better together in Elite CBD Gummies.

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Elite Hemp CBD Gummies

Elite Hemp’s line of CBD edibles stand on their own, time after time. Sweet, succulent, and infused with enough cannabidiol that you won’t have to think twice about keeping a consistent CBD dosing schedule.

Enjoy one CBD gummy every hour or two, go about your day, and enjoy the benefits of an elevated mood, reduced discomfort, and relaxed energy to get through another few hours at work or home.

They’re available in Watermelon, Sour Patch, Gummy Bears, Rings and Gummy Worms variations, so your inner child won’t ever be left wanting for choices. 


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Watermelon 800mg, Sour Patch 400mg, Gummy Bears 400mg, Gummy Worms 500mg, Gummy Rings 400mg, Softies Poppers 400mg


Elite Hemp

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  1. Patrick

    Super interesting.

  2. Riley B.

    This is great! Industry know-how really helps the group grow as a whole!

  3. Allegra

    Super interesting.

  4. Shamus

    Great piece of content.

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