I’ve briefly touched on cooking with CBD in one of my previous blog posts, in my next two articles I want to discuss how CBD is making it’s way into two of my favorite vices, craft beer and ice cream.


In part one we’ll explore CBD infused beer and how it could actually become a thing.


“While it may seem like a strange blend, adding CBD to beer actually makes perfect sense; hemp and hops are genetically related, which means they share numerous characteristics such as medicinal qualities, aromas, and flavors. Also, since CBD is classified as a ‘dietary supplement’ in most states, it is legal for sale and brewers are taking full advantage.” (-Marijuana Break) 

“CBD has the potential to create new subsections of craft brewing. It would invite new and unexpected flavor profiles for brewers to experiment with, anyone who has visited a craft brewery knows how brewers love to experiment. For brewers to experiment with CBD, they have to do so in a state where the compound is legal, and then they have to jump through myriad regulatory hoops to get their recipes approved.” (-Marijuana Break)

Jumping Through Hoops or Hops?

Tom Hogue, the congressional liaison for the U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), tried to explain the labyrinth of regulations. “There are three layers — at least two, but potentially three,” he said. “Federal law, state law, and you may have local ordinances.”

Brewers are required to submit all beer formulas to the TTB for approval, and if there’s a question of safety, Hogue said, it has to be vetted by the Food and Drug Administration. From there, the path to commercial viability gets complicated further. “Let’s say I produce a beer here in Virginia. I brew it here, I sell it here, it does not leave the state,” he said. “I don’t have to have a label that’s approved federally to get it out in the market. If I’m selling it outside Virginia, I need federal approval.”

FDA approval of regular beer recipes has become standardized, but according to Hogue, hemp-derived beers are scrutinized much more closely. The TTB has to reconcile these formulas with not only the FDA, but the Drug Enforcement Administration as well because cannabis is a controlled substance. If the beer meets the standards of all three bodies, the drinks can be sold in the states where they’re made. (-The Ringer)

A hand full of breweries have accepted the challenge of CBD infused beer.

  • Coalition Brewing
  • Dads and Dudes Breweria
  • Northern Brewer (Provides a CBD extract kit for the home brewer)

Unfortunately to find a brewer in your area you’ll have to “Google it” and more than likely it will only be on tap, but all that being said, this is an exciting time for CBD users and craft beer lovers alike. I for one love trying new craft beer flavors and will definitely be on the look out for a CBD infused beer. These are interesting times we live in. Until next time be well… – Will Upshur

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