Today you can find a multitude of medications that treat a wide variety of ailments. The majority of them will have at least one thing in common: side effects.  Prescribed medications may also be addictive and habit-forming. On our journey to having good physical and mental health, we need to give careful thought in to how we “treat” ourselves. In this blog post we’ll talk about one safe and non-addictive product that treats a multitude of ailments.

Hemp Blunts

CBD: Safe, Non-Addictive and Natural

The World Health Organization has ensured that cannabidiol (CBD), is a “safe” and “non-addictive” substance that does not seem to have “any potential for abuse or dependence” on the consumer.

  • This statement comes from the World Health Organization’s Expert Committee on Drug Addiction, which concludes that CBD does not produce any significant psychoactive or cardiovascular effects.
  • In addition, they support researches that conclude this substance is a medicinal product.
  • That has proven its usefulness in fighting epilepsy, Parkinson’s or chronic pain, among other diseases.


The World Health Organization has concluded that CBD has no health risks, and no potential for abuse, and it does have clear medicinal benefits.


Statements like this from the premiere health organization are helping to lift the stigma associated with CBD. Many consumers already know the physical and mental health benefits of using CBD, but this statement goes a long way in making it accessible to everyone.

Before you start using CBD, I recommend that you consult your doctor or primary care provider to ensure that any medications you are currently taking do not react negatively with CBD. For more information on CBD drug interactions check out my blog on

The blog will give you some valuable information and what types of medications and how they interact with CBD. Until next time, be well.

-Will Upshur



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