From time to time a new product comes to the consumer’s attention. CBD is a product that claims to help relieve us of some our common physical ailments and mental stresses and anxieties. There is a lot of information and misinformation about CBD and it can be hard to tell fact from fiction. Many folks are left questioning, “Does it actually work?”

I’m a CBD user, but I realize it should never be enough to take one person’s word as to how effective a product can be. That being said, I recently I had the opportunity to sit down with husband and wife CBD users Ray and Lori and ask them some questions about their experiences with cannabidiol.

-Start of Interview-

Me: What occurred in your life to make you want try CBD?

Lori: I had insomnia and herniation in my low back so I had a lot of pain.

RayKnee and foot pain as well as intense family stress.

Me: Interesting, I won’t ask you to go into detail. I’m sure we can all understand the pressure of dealing with family issues and physical pain, but I would like to follow up with this question: Who first introduced you to using CBD?

Ray and Lori: Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s special on medical marijuana and the benefits of CBD.

Me: What type of CBD products have you tried?

Lori: The Elite Hemp products: sour gummies, cookies and lidocaine cream. I also tried the concentrated oral liquid and chocolate.

Ray: I’ve tried the CBD cream with lidocaine, the concentrated oil and the 200mg meringue,  chocolate, sprinkles and amaretto cookies.

Me: Has there been a significant change in your physical and mental health since you started using CBD?

Ray: Yes, the lidocaine cream was very effective at helping back and joint pain. The cookies did help with my overall pain and stress.

LoriI swear by the lidocaine cream and gummy bears. They have helped my pain, relaxation, and sleep.

Me: How often do you use CBD?

LoriA couple times a week.

RayAs needed. Usually 1 or two times a week.

Me: Would you, or have you, recommended CBD to others?

Lori: I’ve recommended CBD products (especially the CBD with lidocaine) to family, friends, coworkers and associates.  Pretty much anyone dealing with pain. So, I guess yes!

RayI’ve recommended CBD products to many friends and family.

Me: Thank you both so much for your time, and for allowing me to ask you some questions about your CBD experience. I hope whomever reads this will understand the changes it can make in a person’s life.

-End of Interview-

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