CBD has taken the alternative treatment world by storm. One of the first retailers to establish themselves in the CBD world was Deep Six CBD. They have a professional and knowledgeable staff, who are always available to help you with your CBD needs. In this post, we’ll explore some trending products you may want to add to your CBD regimen:

CBD Tinctures

Tinctures are one the most popular and fast-acting ways to get the benefits of CBD. Here are a few trending products from Deep Six CBD.

Cartoon Cereaimage of Cartoon Cereal Crunch CBD Tincture from Cannabinoid Creationsl Crunch CBD Tincture from Cannabinoid Creations is a great-tasting, sweet alternative to unflavored CBD oil and tinctures. A few drops are all that you’ll need to post up, chill out, and take a moment to stream some Saturday morning memories this afternoon.

image of Relax Tropical Tincture from Enveed

Relax Tropical Tincture from Enveed helps with quick & easy relaxation. This tincture combines cannabidiol’s anti-anxiety properties with a relaxing proprietary terpene blend, and its mango & pineapple flavor turns every dose into a refreshing and fruity treat for yourself. You’ve been keeping your nose to the grindstone for too long. Take a moment and Relax.

CBD Topicals

CBD Topicals are a great way to relieve chronic pain at the site of discomfort or provide much needed relaxation when used as a both bomb or soap.

Creating Better Days Mentholated CBD Pain Cream image of Creating Better Days Mentholated CBD Pain Creamis a fast-acting and thorough with a mentholated cool to help ease any discomfort in your skin, muscles and joints. Maybe you’ve just finished a practice session with your sports club, or maybe you had your hands full handling a field of children at recess or a pair of them at home. Regardless of the reason, Creating Better Days Mentholated CBD Pain Cream is a great way to minimize the pain and inflammation that are sure to follow physical activity of any kind.

CBD Living Bath Bombsimage of CBD Living Bath Bombs are a great option if you’re aching after a sporting event, a night on the town, or just looking to relax in a bath, CBD Living Bath Bombs have you covered. With 60mg of cannabinoid per bath bomb, there’s no better way to lounge in the tub, catch your breath, and wash away the pain of the day.

CBD for Pets

Humans are not the only ones who can benefit from the therapeutic properties of CBD. If you have a pet who suffers from stress, anxiety, or chronic pain give one of these a try. CBD is available for cats and dogs.

Elite Hemp Supplement Bacon for DogsElite Hemp Supplement Bacon for Dogs helps your pooch with their pains and helps them to calm down. An infusion of bacon flavor means they’ll soon look forward to this pet CBD treatment as much as any bone or chewable snack. Don’t leave Spot behind when you’re enjoying the benefits of cannabidiol – take a moment to make sure that they’re living their best life with your help.

Elite Hemp Supplement Tuna for Cats

Elite Hemp Supplement Tuna for Cats comes from a specialized line of CBD tinctures for your cat, as well. Just a drop or two is all that you’ll need to help your kitty family feel as relaxed as you do when they spend their time with you.

Stay tuned for future blog posts about trending products in the world of CBD.

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