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In the short time since it has begun to gain more widespread attention, the variety of CBD supplements that are available to users has grown exponentially! It’s almost as though all limitations are gone – we can pick and choose the method of our consumption at our own pace and with our own preferences in mind, no longer limited to a simple choice of “hand pipe or water pipe?”

CBD (Cannabidiol) is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after supplements available to the general public. Yes, it’s a cannabinoid produced by the cannabis plant, but CBD extracts do not provider a psychoactive “high” like their cousin, THC. CBD’s greatest appeal is in promoting feelings of general wellbeing and relaxation, and research continues into the many ways that it may provide therapeutic benefits in the future.

CBD edibles are a popular choice for newcomers and experienced CBD fans alike, and they’re available in the widest variety of forms for consumption. Inexperienced CBD users may not be ready for the technical approach required by a vaporizer or the clinical presentation of a CBD capsule. Edibles can provide an approachable alternative. Additionally, while smokers and vapers will already be accustomed to the “throat hit” and “lung hit” that accompany inhalation, this isn’t a concern for folks who choose to enjoy a CBD brownie or CBD soda!

It can take a bit longer for CBD edibles to take effect, anywhere between thirty and ninety minutes depending upon an individual, and the dosage required to feel its full effect can vary from person to person. The delay is a result of its need to be digested after combining with its infused food, but this also results in the CBD being released more slowly over periods of time and a longer-lasting CBD experience. Whether infused into a sweet or savory snack option, the digestive process effectively turns CBD edibles into a sort of extended-release supplement, with effects that can last up to four hours longer than CBD that has been inhaled.

So crack open that bag of CBD gummies or bake that tray of infused chocolate chip cookies – treat your tummy to a snack that you crave and treat your mindset to a little bit of downtime. We all deserve to relax, even if we need some help to get there.

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